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pretty cool, I would hate to work here where co workers go nuts and do what?? play the game to find out 

Really love the banter between coworkers, almost made me forget i was playing a horror game... Jump scares are brutal! Would love to see more of this game ! 

Great game. I loved everything from the interactions to to the fun things you find on the boards. Especially the jack black throw in.

A super enjoyable and fulfilling experience! I wonder how the meeting would've went and i loved the little jack black throw in 😁

Nice Game Made A Video 


Just uploaded this to my channel. I enjoyed it a lot. Didn't know what was happening and the ending kind of shocked me. It was really good imo... Try it out for yourself!

Here is my video if you want to watch

muy bueno

buen juego

A super enjoyable and fulfilling experience! I wonder how the meeting would've went and i loved the little jack black throw in 😁

I really enjoyed this one!!

Relax. Calm down

I downloaded the game the min I saw the Benry figure in Manly's gameplay. After playing, this was an amazing demo!! Can't wait for the complete version of the game!!

OMG It so cool. Can't wait for the full release of this game. Thanks to the author for this.


the little benrey figurine <3

This was cool to play. Great story and things moved slowly to keep the player guessing and wondering what was going to happen. Nice game.


when will the full version come out?


I don't believe that such a cutie can kill people!! He is literally a fool who likes to play games and joke around with colleagues β”(γ‚·)β”Œ
And yeah, I want to give this art in honor of this beautiful game β™‘( β—‘β€Ώβ—‘ )



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hahah tysm ^^ I didn't think anyone would notice this


Hahah, I don't even know, I've never drawn sprites for games yet :)

OMGG this is so good !!! Do you have any art socials?

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Thanks!! No, I draw very rarely and I don't plan to post my drawings anywhere yet. I uploaded the art here as a sign of gratitude to the author for such an interesting concept (I hope he will develop it further) But if this project is finished, then I'm really looking forward to his next games!!


oh I thought that was a stall lol..

but really. who DID die in the stalls..

ahhh. whats better than blood under the stall in a horror game..

why does this just look really fun but really scary at the same time

cool game, would you mind to comment?
i broke the game due to i clipped trough a wall
that was a bruh momento

I screamed when that mf Josiah appeared behind us 

yea me too


i like how simplistic the design appears yet it still managed to jumpscare me and make me feel all like *GASP* PLOT TWIST and the dialogue was also just some good funny 

playing this game was so fun a little confusing tho but i really enjoyed it! good job can't wait to test out future games :D 

Hellooo! Really nice game. I loved it. :D

Can anyone explain why the alpha version won't work for me? 😭 

it doesn't working me too idk why..

What do you mean it doesn't work for you? The game doesn't start or what? (because it works for me hmm..)

yea it doesn't start.. i mean.. the game screen opens but Δ± can't start it

I press c to start but it doesn't work

oh hahah XD in dev notes says "Access additional content by pressing the Down arrow key on the main menu of ALPHA VERSION and entering the code UrerJrTb (caps sensitive, no spaces)"

oh omg thanks HAAHSJKADJDS 

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After watching a video back in november, I finally had some time to play this game myself, and it's even better than the first time, I appreciated it even more!
The characters are all truly special and have unique personalities (Josiah dancing to gangnam style was a ++), the atmosphere is spooky, and the lore is also really interesting. 
I believe this game is a gem and it has a beautiful future!
I really can't wait for the next updates, to learn more about it <3

This game looks great with a very interesting story, I hope to see more soon :)

Looks great! Were you inspired by the small game "Corporate Hell" by any chance?

this was a cool game cant wait for full release :)

You're game helped me get to where I am today. Thank You!

I was wondering if Apple Mac users will be able to access this game soon? The game looks amazing, hope to see more development in the future.


This game demo was one of the best demos I have played. I am immersed into the story, the characters, and I cannot wait to see it fully fleshed out into a completed release. The humor, the scares, the writing, all on point.

Bonus: YouTube autogenerated Jack Black in the thumbnail, despite me making a whole different thumbnail for the video. What a world we live in.

I really fell in love with this game. The atmosphere. I can socialize with everyone life if I were in an office setting. All the people there were such characters with unique personalities like in an office setting. Triggered some of the folks I stream in my community πŸ˜‚ so that’s a win! It is the last game in this video.

Cool game!


literally made an account just to comment! I adore this game so much just from the little snippets I can't even tell you how many times I've replayed it. I am SO stoked for the full game and I can't wait to see other things from you

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